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 Mission Statement 
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Post Mission Statement
  1. Introduction
    We select members of the Steam community have come together to protest the popularity of a gaming organization. This gaming organization uses underminded tactics to populate their servers, and while in their servers does not respect their regulars unless they become part of the organization. This organization we speak of is EdgeGamers, or =(eGO)=™, as they abbriviate themselves in-game.

  2. Disclaimer
    We do not hate every single member of =(eGO)=™, or even single members of =(eGO)=™, we simply hate the organization and how it presents itself to the gaming community. Why, some of us even have good friends in =(eGO)=™. We refuse to attack =(eGO)=™ in a dishonorable fashion, such as via DDoS attacks and the like, and if we find out any of our members have done such a thing, we will immediately remove them.

    We will use whatever means necessary to expose the hypocrisy of =(eGO)=.

  3. Our Quarrel
    What problem do we have with =(eGO)=™?
    1. Trademarking Overuse - =(eGO)=™ uses the symbol in their name, but not because it "looks cool" or what any other clan would reason for having it in their name, they really have a trademark. Now anyone could understand having a trademark on, say, images or the name itself, the reason why they have in their website name, but having in their tag? The definition of : an unregistered trademark, that is, a mark used to promote or brand goods. So why does =(eGO)=™ breathe down our necks? =(eGO)=™ presents itself as a business, not a clan, and because of this and their trademark ideology, they bring a sense of elitism wherever they go.
    2. Spaces in Server Titles - =(eGO)=™ uses spaces before their servers so that their servers stand out amongst all other servers. This is no less than an exploit in the Source Engine that EdgeGamers uses to populate their servers.
    3. Advertisements - Advertisements lead to a number of problems in =(eGO)=™ servers:
      1. They take up the M.O.T.D. - Where the rules should be, advertizements go instead.
      2. Rules Not Clear - Because advertizements take up the M.O.T.D., people do not know the rules and break them without knowing the broke them. Yes, =(eGO)=™ uses a Read_Rules popup, but that cannot go into specifics.
      3. Banned for No Reason - Many of us have received a ban for no reason from the =(eGO)=™ servers, most times this happens because they do not state their rules clearly and specifically, they leave a popup to explain very small excerpts of their rules. Then someone receives a ban for "breaking the rules that you should have quit your game and gone on our website to read before going on our servers".
    4. Administrators - Administrators present a problem on the =(eGO)=™ servers, or rather several problems:
      1. No Community - =(eGO)=™ does not support communities for their individual servers, unless you belong to their organizaiton, they shut you out, and do not let you get a word in edgewise.
      2. Admins Do Everything - If you try to explain to someone the rules of the server, and you do not belong to =(eGO)=™, an EdgeGamer will immediately shut you out and tell you to leave it to an admin. EdgeGamers does not promote having a pubber community.
      3. Too Many Admins - =(eGO)=™ gives too many people admin. We know that they are an admin-based clan, but when someone gets admin they get admin on all servers across all =(eGO)=™ games. This leads to admins from one game going to another game, and possibly breaking the rules, but when they do break the rules, other admins simply take their side and let them get away with it.
      4. No Consistency - Another problem that shares with too many admins, admins tend to give you different sets of rules because their rules are not specific and consistent enough. For example, I had one admin tell me, "damn, ass, and shit" are not swear words, not more than three hours later, another admin threatened to ban me for saying "damn". In this particular circumstance, =(eGO)=™ needs a list of all words they deem "swear words".
      5. Admin Abuse - Now, =(eGO)=™ gets rid of all the admins who blatently abuse (i.e. slay all), we expect them to, but what they do not regulate are the admins who abuse, but cover themselves up or hide behind others. Good =(eGO)=™ Admin Abusers abuse and then blame it on a pubber, and since =(eGO)=™ always takes the side of its admin, the admin gets away with his abuse.
    5. Not a Family Organization - =(eGO)=™ says it is a family organization, and thus bans things like swearing, but is =(eGO)=™ really a family organization? The facts:
      1. "M" for Mature - =(eGO)=™ claims to be a family organiztion, and yet it allows members in under the age of 17? Every single game =(eGO)= plays has an ESRB rating of "M" for Mature, no one below the age of 17 should belong to =(eGO)=™.
      2. Borderline Porn in Sprays - =(eGO)=™ has policies against porn sprays, meaning none, they will not allow them on their servers, yet many =(eGO)=™ members themselves use sexually explict sprays to represent themselves. These sprays range from girls in bikinis to underage girls in bikinis, to even less than that. =(eGO)=™ has both women and children in their organization, and therefore should not allow any of these sprays.

  4. Our Mission
    Our Mission is to decay the popularity of =(eGO)=™ servers in a mature fashion, by protesting and expanding this group, until =(eGO)=™ presents itself as an honest, decent gaming organiztion.

2009-12-20 03:33:13
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